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Process Malt Extract

We have with us well defined stages that help us in easily processing of milling, mashing & filtration based processes. Here, first the whole grain is crushed through hammer mill for producing grist. Then this flour, together with hot water is fed into Mash Conversion Vessel (top) where temperature is carefully controlled for ensuring that starch is converted into sugars which dissolve in water. Further, the mash is then transferred to Meura Mash Filter (opposite) where liquid, called wort is separated from remaining malt husk.

Evaporation :
  • The wort is fed into series of multi-stage stainless steel falling film evaporator to concentrate it into viscous liquid
  • Evaporation takes place under vacuum so that lower temperatures can be used
  • This enables full flavor and characteristics of malt extract to be retained
  • Resultant product is liquid malt extract
  • This is either packed for dispatch to customer, or fed to drying plants and turned into different types of dried malt extracts
Process Malt Extract

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