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Process Malt

We have with us well defined process for meeting the processing demands of Malt. Here, the incoming grain is first received at moisture levels between 10% and 12%. The load is sampled, inspected as well as tested at intake point and once tipped, grains are cleaned through imported screeners for effectively removing stones, dust, foreign objects and straw. Once dressing and drying processes is complete, the grain is further stored in silo. We process malts using five well defined processes. These include :
  • Process Malt Extract
  • Milling, Mashing & Filtration
  • Evaporation
  • Process Dry Malt Extract
  • Process Malt Flour

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Process Malt Extract

We have with us well defined stages that help us in easily processing of milling, mashing & filtration based processes. Here, first the whole grain is crushed through hammer mill for producing grist. Then this flour, together with hot water is fed into Mash Conversion Vessel (top) where temperature is carefully controlled for ensuring that starch is converted into sugars which dissolve in water. Further, the mash is then transferred to Meura Mash Filter (opposite) where liquid, called wort is separated from remaining malt husk.

Evaporation :
  • The wort is fed into series of multi-stage stainless steel falling film evaporator to concentrate it into viscous liquid
  • Evaporation takes place under vacuum so that lower temperatures can be used
  • This enables full flavor and characteristics of malt extract to be retained
  • Resultant product is liquid malt extract
  • This is either packed for dispatch to customer, or fed to drying plants and turned into different types of dried malt extracts.

Process Dry Malt Extract

The process for dry malt extract comprises Vacuum Tray Drying where the liquid extract is well spread over different trays to form a batch. Here, the malt is placed in vacuum oven where it is dried into solid brittle cake. Then the cake is granulated through mill for producing free flowing powder. We carry out this process to produce special types of malt extract powder.

Process :
  • Liquid extract is spread over different trays to form a batch
  • It is placed in vacuum oven where it is dried into solid brittle cake
  • Cake is then granulated through mill to produce free flowing powder
  • The process is carried out to produce special types of malt extract powder

Properties :
  • Sometimes called DME, Dry Malt Extract contains less than 3% moisture and is properly stored for up to 4 years as per studies
  • Putting Liquid Malt Extract into slowly moving band that passes through vacuum, making dried Malt Extract
  • Drying occurs with circulation of hot air through this moving bed of material
  • Here, the vacuum allows evaporation to happen at lower temperatures and aids extract to puff

Benefits :
  • Malt Extracts are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Folic Acid and Minerals
  • These are essential ingredient for manufacturing of nutritious food that have high value of Vitamins and Proteins

Process Malt Flour

The malt is processed through different types of mills like roller mills and pin mills that have capability to produce different grades of flours. Here, our expertise lies in producing both light and dark flours with the dark flours produced from malt that has been roasted after malting process. Further, the malt flour is further sifted to degrees of refinement.

Process :
  • Malt is processed through flour mill
  • Different types of mills are used including roller mills and pin mills
  • Each mills help in producing different grades of flours including both light and dark flours
  • Dark flours are produced from malt that has been roasted after malting process and are used for flavor, texture improvement as well as appearance enhancement in all areas of food industry (Malt flour is further shifted to degrees of refinement)
  • Light colored malt flours are made available in varying degrees of alpha amylase, protein and malt flavors
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